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    Benepath Provides Aged and Exclusive Insurance Leads 

    Benepath is an insurance lead provider based out of Pennsylvania that specializes in  provides producers and brokers with real time exlusive leads, aged leads and live transfer phone leads. Currently, Benepath provides the following types of insurance leads:

    Real Time & Live Call Leads

    • Individual Health
    • Group Health/Commercial
    • Medicare Supplement

    Aged Leads

    • Life
    • Health
    • Group Health
    • Medicare Supplement

    Benepath’s Insurance Lead Quality

    As one of the few insurance providers that only provides exclusive leads, they are able to consistently deliver high performing leads in real time. What’s more, these leads are 100% exclusive and pre-qualified with contact success rates as high as 70%. Because the leads are delivered to you as soon as the lead submits benepath’s qualification form, you even have the option to have the lead land on a branded thank you page so that they can know to expect your call. Alternatively, if you use Quotit or Broker Office you can have a quote generated for a lead as soon as they submit their form.


    Benepath’s aged leads are month-old leads in their database that were never assigned to an agent. These leads boast close rates similar to shared leads as well as 85% email validity. According to Benepath’s website, these leads are fairly responsive as well. 20% of them opened a test email with the subject “Save on Health Insurance”. Pricing for aged leads is as follows: (Volume discounts are available)


    Individual Health Group Health Life Medicare Supplement
    $2/ Lead $5/ Lead $3/ Lead $3/ Lead

    Customer Service & Online Reviews

    Upon first look benepath seems to have mixed reviews online, with an average of about 3.3 stars. However, most negative reviews of the lead provider stemmed from poor sales practices in 2017.  Besides the complaints about being badgered by sales reps, customer reviews of the Benepath’s leads and customer service were almost always positive. This is further evidenced by their A+ BBB Ranking. 

    Benepath Lead Provider Features 


    Lead Source Lead Age Filtering Capabilities Agents per Lead
    Organic & Paid Search Real Time & 1 Month Old Location, Health Info, Business Size Exclusive, 1 Agent per Lead


    Delivery Options Bulk Discounts & Deals Lead Volume Cap
    Email, Phone, Text, Agent Portal Available from Rep None


    Contact For Pricing and Deals

    If you’re interested in Benepath’s insurance lead program, you can contact Melissa Eglington to get started. Her contact information is below:

    Melissa Eglington
    Account Executive
    (484) 218-0301