How it Works

20 Miles shortens your sales cycle with automation and unrivaled prospect insights. 


Develop a Better Sales Process with 20 Miles
Facilitate your production with easy-to-use tools that you can use everyday.

Bucket Your Contacts the Way You work

Bucket leads by how you work. E.g by new prospects, ask referrals, renewals or by geography or vertical. It is simple to import your leads into buckets. You can easily move prospects from one bucket to another.

Automate and Organize Your Sales Tasks With Workflows

Once you’ve setup your lead buckets, you can create workflows for each of them. Workflows allow you to build your schedule of communication the way you operate. They support email, phone, and custom tasks. Some tasks can be automated while others let you know what needs to be done for the day. Our workflows can contain as many steps as you’d like, which continue to be performed until a lead responds or becomes warm. 

Save Time With Templates and Snippets

Not sure what to say? Use pre-made templates and customize them to your liking, or use or come up with your own winning emails. Once you’ve created your templates, you can scale your messaging up to all your leads while keeping it personal to each and everyone. Email snippets allow you to save the phrases and descriptions you use most, allowing you to put together entire emails within seconds. 

Share Sales Collateral with Your Team

Track what approaches are working for your team members and share those templates and workflow recipes between producers. 

Identify Your Hottest Prospects

We keep track of how prospects are engaging with your connection attempts i.e. if they are reading your emails, forwarding them, clicking links or viewing any documents and for how long. Under our dedicated ‘My Engagement Tasks’ section you can quickly see prospects that are successfully engaging as a result of your workflow outreach. 

Schedule Meetings Easier Than Ever

Anywhere from 5 to 10 emails are sent back and forth trying to find time in the calendar of the prospect. Define slots that you want to make available for prospect meetings and include them in every message that you send out. 20 Miles lets prospects schedule meetings themselves and syncs with your calendar as well. 

The insight 20 Miles provides as a prospecting tool is invaluable to keeping things moving through the client acquisition process.


– Andrew W. Cruse

Vice President, Insurance Office of America