The 7-figure prospecting system for commercial insurance agents

Forget activities. Forget busy work.

Goodbye complexity.

20Miles is the CRM for Scaling





Our radical belief:

CRM should help you manage relationships and sell… not spin.

Other CRM

  • Spend time making it work for you

  • Focus on logging activity

  • Program all of your templates and,

  • emails yourself

  • 20 Create and test your own playbooks

  • Build a process that relies on multiple

  • people

  • Build lead scoring

20Miles CRM

  • Built for Commercial Insurance Agents

  • Focus on driving business results

  • across acquisition, retention, and

  • relationships

  • Pre-built templates based on specific

  • business goals

  • Suggestion engine based on what

  • works for top producers

  • Build a scalable marketing and sales

  • machine

  • Automatically identify your hottest

  • prospects

Pre-built, Proven Templates

Use our proven templates and workflows for every scenario: Renewals, Referrals or prospecting for new business.

AI Recommendation Engine

Our system will recommend the next best action

you can take for each and every contact. If you are

losing track of certain relationships or if the time is

right to reach out to others, 20 Miles will tell you

what needs to be done.

Discover Your Hottest Prospects

20 Miles tracks how engaged your contacts are by

tracking their actions such as email opens, link

clicks and replies. We prioritize your pipeline

based on real prospect engagement.

To become a top producer, you need a winning prospecting system.

“The insight 20 Miles provides from a prospecting tool is invaluable in keeping things moving through the client acquisition process. I would recommend 20 miles to anyone who is in a production role and wants to increase their revenue generation.”

– Andrew Cruse, Insurance Office of America

“20 Meetings, 10 Opportunities, $90K Revenue in 12 weeks”

– Michael Z, AJG