Never Give Up, Lets do 20 Miles

Our Why?


The South Pole Expedition story was an eye opener for me. 
It taught me a valuable lesson in life; Come what may, we must strive for consistent, incremental gains that add to overall mission success i.e. our daily 20 miles.
Since hearing this inspiring story, I’ve ingrained its philosophy into every aspect of my life. Whether business or personal commitments, fitness or meditation goals – I do my daily 20 miles. 
Sales is one of the corporate world’s toughest jobs but I’ve discovered that it’s also one of the best playgrounds to test this daily ’20 miles’ vision. The software we have coded is specifically designed around this principle to support sales staff in producing incremental business development gains by being consistent and persistent in their daily efforts. In the end, it all stacks up and the numbers speak for themselves. 

Our goal is to help every organization build a powerful team culture where everyone is tuned in and committed to doing their 20 miles. I fully believe and abide by this ideology that when we commit to our 20 miles, tremendous energy and potential for the organization is collectively unleashed; thus propelling it higher and increasing the probability of achieving any set target.

We live by the following key values at 20 Miles:
  • Integrity – Be honest and maintain a principled foundation.
  • Sincerity – Commit and put your heart and soul into whatever you do.
  • Consistency – Track and evaluate progress to achieve unstoppable momentum.
  • Persistence – Pursue goals in spite of unavoidable obstacles.

These are the values we seek to promote through our work and culture. Don’t forget to do your 20 miles today, and don’t forget to never give up!

– Khuram Hussain, CEO 20 Miles 


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San Francisco, CA
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