Insurance Software Company 20 Miles Offering Free Licenses Amid Coronavirus Crisis

20 Miles is a prospecting and relationship management system that allows producers to manage and automate their processes for relationship building and pursuing referrals.
  • Easy to Learn: Most users can fully setup and test their processes in 20 Miles within 3-5 days of starting. 
  • Effective: Using templates and workflows, producers are able to complete their sales tasks and client check-ins in 15-30 each day. 
  • Contact Management: Keep your contacts and tasks organized according to your process with custom segments called buckets. 
  • Contact to claim your free license. 


As many businesses across the globe are going remote in an effort to do their part to combat the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), others are going the extra mile to to aid the many people who are working from home for the first time ever with discounts, free products, and counsel. Joining the group of companies trying to lend a helping hand is 20 Miles, a relationship management and prospecting software for insurance professionals. 

Now more than ever, clients and prospects require the expertise of insurance advisors to navigate the ever-changing social and economic realities of the situation as governments around the world take unprecedented actions to fight the spread of the outbreak. While this is a golden opportunity to solidify current relationships and find leads who have been unsatisfied with their provider, working from home can also mean decreased productivity as they re-learn their work life balance and get into new routines.

How Can We Help?

To do their part in combatting the effects of COVID-19 on the industry, 20 Miles is offering free licenses to insurance agents for its efficiency-boosting platform. The software enables agents to easily complete and automate their daily tasks for client relationship management, prospecting and pursuing referrals. To claim your free license, you can contact